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Hi, I'm David Orozco, and I love helping small retail businesses

Wanna know what I do and how to contact me?

Hi there, I'm David. Thanks for visiting my website.

You wanna know something about me, right?

Well, I started as an employee in a small retail shop near of the town that I was born in.

Eventually, I became a manager over there. My responsibility was to order things like slatwall hooks and smart shelves.

That's why I've decided to build this page: to help you guys make a better decision before buying any of that expensive equipment.

I hope you'll enjoy my site!

Eager to get in touch? Here's my contact info:

Email Address: davidorzoco87@mail.com
Phone Number: 318-847-2730
Address: 4580 Tecumsah Lane
State: Louisiana
Country: The United States
code: 71071