Smart Shelving in Retail Stores

Smart shelves are shelves that interact with the computer to exchange information about the stock through radio frequency identification.

These gadgets have the ability to peruse items that have radio frequency tags. They can likewise converse with stocking and store PCs, handhand heldheld cell phones, and even smart cards with their own particular radio frequency, and other hardware.

With smart shelves, retailers can examine the shelve by use of embedded sensors and notify store keepers when the stock is running low or when a robbery has been identified.

Retailers can likewise change costs of items progressively, guaranteeing precise valuing for clients and sparing time for partners who were once required to screen those metal slatwall shelves.

The Importance of Smart Shelves to Retailers

1. Real Time Communication To Customers

Some items like food products are sensitive to dates and, if not well monitored, can result into a problem to your customers.

As a retailer, you can utilize the technology to give your customers updated data on items on the stock, publicize the advances, and expand the effectiveness of representatives.

Through this technology you can also keep track on expiry dates and avoid harm to your customers, as the result of expired item consumption.

2. Security to Your Stock

As a retailer, you can monitor your stock through smart shelves.

For instance, if an item was removed from the shelf and not set in the smart card, you would be alerted to the conceivable burglary before the guilty party left the store.

3. Stock Monitor

Smart shelves act as a monitor to the quantity of your stock.

As a retailer you will be alerted when a certain product on the shelf is running out of stock, and re-order it on time. This will also be a guide to your customer ratification.

4. Act As Customer Care

It guides your customer on various products you are selling and where they can be located on the shelves.

Additionally, it reminds customer on what is on their shopping list.

5. Item Arrangement

As you know, arranging a large number of items on a shelf may be something to plan and think through.

This smart shelf can help you to arrange your products on the shelves systematically: it provides with necessary data of how customers shopped your product, which product was shopped most and which product was not shopped at all.

By this information, you can arrange this item as per customer priority.

Smart shelves can be of importance to any retail business involving shelving.

They are good not only for smooth running of your retail business, systematic arrangement of items in your retail shop, security, monitoring and customer awareness, but they can also act as an advertisement agent.